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The right home for each person

Each person has a right to unrestricted quality of life, even in old age. A suitable living situation is of fundamental importance for this. Similarly, the best possible care and attention needs to be affordable for everyone. Only then is it possible to live a life in dignity.

Independent living in old age

Usually, life for those in need of nursing care is suddenly controlled by others. SeniVita homes are designed in such a way that maximum security of care and independent living can be combined. Residents also do not miss out on a sense of community.

Housing suitable for the elderly must remain affordable

Care in a SeniVita care facility is comparatively cheaper and boasts advantages over a traditional inpatient facility. We spent a long time fine-tuning our AltenPflege 5.0 concept of nursing care for the elderly, which optimally combines a private living environment, social integration, support and care. Moderate costs relieve the burden on those in need of care and their relatives.