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Real estate management

With the commissioning, SeniVita Social Estate AG takes over the management of the residential care property so that the administrative burden on the real-estate investor is reduced to a minimum:

  • Management according to the Residential Property Act (WEG manager)
  • Rental management
  • Technical support
  • Maintenance of the residential facility (cleaning, gardening, upkeeping, repairs, etc.)

Issuing a power of attorney to SeniVita Social Estate AG also significantly reduces the administrative burden on the residents and their relatives. SeniVita assumes the coordination of nursing and care services on behalf of the resident, concludes the relevant contracts and is responsible for reviewing and billing the individual services.

Examples of further services, which residents and their family can take advantage of:

  • Support during the move-in (e.g. making arrangements with moving companies, completing relocation registration forms)
  • Provision of a senior-friendly telephone, including flat rate, and provision of an emergency call function
  • Night-time security provided by an on-site presence
  • Support in regulatory and similar matters
  • Arrangement of other care and support services, as well as provision of pastors and priests