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Convertible bond

In 2015, we issued a convertible bond to finance our business activities.

This grants the holders a right to interest payments and repayment of the principal. Alternatively, since October 1, 2018, the holders have the right to convert the bond into shares of the company.

Further key data

Issuer SeniVita Social Estate AG
Volume EUR 50,000,000.00
Denomination EUR 1,000.00
Interest rate 6,5 % p.a.
Maturity May 12, 2020
Conversion period October 1, 2018 to January 31, 2020

You can download the bond terms and conditions here

You can download the securities prospectus here

You can download the based information sheet here

Here you can see the value of the backup stock as of key date 27.11.2019


Taking advantage of the current market momentum and to accelerate our growth, our goal is to have the outstanding bond largely converted into equity. The resulting shares are to be included in the Open Market trading of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The following measures are intended to make the conversion more attractive for our bondholders and pave our way to the stock exchange. We have already implemented:

  • Purchase of care properties from SeniVita Social Care GmbH by SSE AG and conversion of the purchase price into loans
  • Simplified capital reduction at SSE AG as a prerequisite to improve the conversion ratio

More measures are currently being planned.

More information on the planned IPO and the reasons to invest into shares of SeniVita Social Estate AG will soon be available in the IPO section.